Hauteur & Musique

Hauteur & Musique is the new calibre of athletics! While the high jumpers gear themselves up for the approach, the audience hears a song playing from the sound system: pounding beats, euphonic violins, blustering drums – what ever! Everyone starts clapping in unison whereas our high jumper takes a final deep breath. He concentrates, feels the vibrating rhythm, realizes the energy he gains in so doing and here we go. He (or she) starts approaching with bouncing steps, leans into the curve and flies towards the high jump pit. With a kick he slingshots himself away from the ground, rises towards the bar and crosses it acrobatically. He made it! And the initial rhythmic clapping has become fulminating
applause. This is Hauteur & Musique!

We are pursuing two main objectives: Allowing our athletes to jump in an inspirational atmosphere which drives them to higher record performances. And our audience should be given the opportunity to experience this wonderful discipline as spectacular and attractive as it can be.


MAN 2m23 Alen Melon AK Istra Croatie 30.01.2016
WOM 1m91 Jossie Graumann LG Nord Berlin Allemagne 28.01.2017


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